Two legendary bassists.

I just had to do it.

It’s no wonder they got the attention of Kscope, Steven Wilson and Gavin Harrison…
So good!

Recording drums for Wireless Blue's 2nd EP!

Wireless Blue @

Drums by Stéphane Belleau

Recording by Carlos Martin @ C-Martin Recordings

Video editing by Nicolas Bergeron @ The Creative Drift

The French progressive metal band Hypno5e has a clean side-project. I just found that out today despite knowing and following Hypno5e for a couple’ years now. Go me!

Anyway it’s great, check it out!

Those voices…

Amazed I looked up at the stars
And I wondered how many there are
And the other side seemed so irrelevant to me
Just like a dream or somewhere between

And the rollers crashed hard on the shore
And the winds blew the songs to my door
The East held the promise of morning,
and soon new worlds were born
Calling me on - I’m going home

New Worlds were born, calling me on…

wayworn souls - we’ve been drifting through space for so long
moving on - but never quite sure of where we should go

all as one - at the glass gazing out in the blue

we who’ve been waiting too long
for someone
for someone

stars all around
but we never found a fire burning as strong
no we never found a fire burning as strong
no we never found a fire

Oh hello you, tumblr follower

If by any chance you’re in Montreal and you like good music, my band is giving a show on the 11th of November!

So, hey! You know. Come say hi and give your ears a treat. ;)

Posted it before. Posting it again.

If you like good music, check this out. If you like this, buy it. Support independent artists!

Latest music purchase

Defunct part I and II as one track is only exclusive on Soundcloud.
To buy visit official bancdcamp store:

All tracks were written and mixed by Danny Feng except:
Hean Jurrera: Recorded vocals for Defunct part II in his bedroom studio.

Hikmat Antypas: Written & recorded the bassline for Defunct part I & part II in his bedroom studio.

Will Régnier: Written & recorded the drums for Defunct part I & part II in his bedroom studio.”

Support self-produced artists! (When they’re good… like this guy.)
If you like Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson… listen to this track.