Beauty & the Beast

Ever noticed how the medias make it seem like women’s qualities can only be aesthetic? I mean, there are famous pretty men dating pretty women, and famous ugly asses dating pretty women, but is there any famous ugly woman dating pretty men? And this phenomenon also (or especially) applies to fictive stories. It seems like, from their very childhood, kids are bred to believe that women have to be pretty to actually exist, while men can be as ugly as hell but it doesn’t matter since it’s what’s inside that’s important. Just look at Beauty & the Beast, the very definition of what I’m talking about right now; the pretty princess falls in love with a fuckin lion-man and doesn’t care about how monstrous he is… and that’s a story that’s been told and retold over and over again. But have we ever seen this situation backwards? I don’t remember seeing anything like that…  Furthermore, look at video games; huge-ass monkey-men that are the incarnation of virility and violence are always hanging around plastic women, or what the all-mighty Hollywood vision defines as “the perfect woman”: Huge breasts that defy gravity on the slimmest bodies possible, not to mention how (usually) the girls get in trouble and the men save them, which is another problem… Oh, and comedies. Stupid “teen” comedies about high-school or college idiots that really want to get the prettiest girls in school, and all manage to end up with them no matter how fuckin dumb and ugly they are. What kind of message does that give?

Seriously, this is messed up. Women have been fighting for equality since the dawn of time and in modern societies, where they believe they have it, they’re actually still reduced to eye-candies and sexual toys for men everywhere in the medias. No wonder so many girls have problems with their self-esteem, and so many of them spend thousands and thousands of dollars on make-up, plastic surgeries, clothes that barely hide any skin… so… is that “freedom”? Is that “Equality between genders”?

(PS: Isn’t it ironic that I post this right after posting Deftones - Around the Fur's cover art? Well, you know… not only do I like Deftones for their music and not for their looks, I don't really mind partial nudity when it's used to support a specific message, when it looks natural and when it's not plastic & erotic… and the picture on Around the Fur doesn’t bring up any eroticism in my mind o_O)