The Stick of Truth adventure began before we got the game…

At first, I pre-ordered a copy of the game from, weeks before the release of the game. 10 days after said-release, I still didn’t get my copy; I contacted Amazon and they apologized, explaining they got an unexpectedly high amount of pre-orders and sold-out before they could send copies to everyone. I canceled my order. 

Last Friday, I went to an independent video game and movies store under Scotia Bank Cinema downtown in Montreal and asked for a copy. They were sold out.

I then headed to the EB Games downtown close to McGill where I saw a pile of copies behind the counter, so I got in line since there’s always a line there. As I finally got to one of the cashier and requested to trade in my copy of Thief, the one guy that was ahead of me in line asked for the Stick of Truth… and it was their last copy. Turns out everything else in the “pile of games” that was behind the Stick of Truth was another game. Great.

Now, as if this wasn’t already enough, one of the cashiers said to me and the other guy that asked for the game “Fight! Fight! C’mon guys, a gladiator fight to the death to determine who gets the last copy!”. I look at the other client, he obviously seems nervous and embarrassed by the situation; I told him “You got here first man, it’s only fair you get it”. I then told the cashier that was serving me “Nevermind, I’ll go elsewhere”. I stood there for a couple seconds, staring at him; he looked at me in a way that meant “Move along, I’ll serve the next client in line”. I actually had to ask him to give me back my copy of Thief. Dude. Seriously. Did you expect me to forget so you could steal what’s mine? Jerkface.

My girlfriend and I then headed to the EB Games close to the Namur metro station, where I asked to trade in Thief for Stick of Truth, again. I was lucky this time; they had one copy left. As soon as I asked for it, the guy behind me in line reacted pretty much the exact same way I did at the other store. I felt bad for him, but c’mon, it was my turn now. Pluses: The cashier was really nice, didn’t say any awkward and inappropriate jokes about how the guy behind me should stab me and steal the game or whatever, AND they offered a bigger discount for the Thief trade-in than the downtown store.

Morale of the story: If you’re hunting for games in Montreal, go to the Namur store. There’s less people, and the cashiers aren’t assholes and thieves.

In the mail today.I love you, mail.

In the mail today.
I love you, mail.



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