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T’oublier toute une année
Une année pour t’oublier
Même la folie perd la raison
Mais là, j’ai le goût de me rattraper
Débouler, débouler, débouler, débouler, débouler
Et de me retrouver

Latest music purchases

Latest music purchases

Haven’t done one of these in a while…

(The Silent Enigma… Old-school Anathema, back when they weren’t all that good. It’s still cool to get to hear the original versions of songs featured on Falling Deeper)

(pre-ordered the limited vinyl edition of Anathema’s weather systems)

(The Cat Empire’s Two Shoes special edition; got this during their show on Saturday, good stuff good stuff)

(pre-ordered no-man’s upcoming live album+DVD, love and endings)

(and last but not least, Quebec’s very best and unfortunately deceased 70’s band, Harmonium's self-titled debut)