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Yo. Whoever’s hating me because they think I’m a woman hating sexy women is really stupid and didn’t care to read everything I wrote on here.

I’m a straight dude in a straight relationship with a sexy woman myself. My point is that I love my girlfriend when she wakes up in the morning and looks tired as hell. My point is that the media women should not always have to look “their best”, and “their best” should definitely not involve make-up and photoshop.

All of you feminists who’re angry at me because you think I’m a jealous woman… I think you should reconsider your position. You try to be all-righteous saying “All women should support all women” and yet there you are dissing girls who can’t manage to love themselves because of the society’s ridiculous standards… well actually you’ve been dissing a guy who’s trying to help women, but that just proves my point: you didn’t actually read my points, and ended up complaining for nothing. You really aren’t helping yourselves, you know.

So, basically, you self-proclaimed feminists are saying it’s okay that the industry & the medias use women as bodies, physical objects, to attract attention & make money; that it’s okay for photoshop magicians to modify your flawed faces so you look better on a screen than in your actual real life. (Note I’m using “flawed” here, being perfectly aware that nobody’s perfect and we should accept if not embrace the way we are instead of concealing it)

You’re saying it’s okay that most if not all men out there think and say to you:
"Why, you look very good with your face covered like that."
and “I like you, but every star is so much hotter than you.”
and “Women need big breasts & round hips to be important”…

Well my friends, that’s what the all-american medias say to you. And if you can’t see that, well you’re very, very weak feminists.

*yawn* and I just woke up, too… my poor brain can barely form accurate sentences right now… Damn you, tumblr addiction. 

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  2. retromantique said: Thank you for voicing this. I actually cried last night. They trivialize the harm it can truly cause by centering the feminist fight only on themselves and their “freedom”. But they don’t realize it’s not all about their little self. *sigh*
  3. brad-t said: While I generally agree with what you’re saying I think using the phrase “so-called feminists” is just going to get you ignored. You have to approach this argument with some respect.
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