Musashi no Bouken (Quest - Famicom - 1990)


Musashi no Bouken (Quest - Famicom - 1990)


Arino lays down the law


Arino lays down the law

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So many truths.

Two legendary bassists.

I just had to do it.

Bonus track for the upcoming EP ‘7’ due to be released next week!

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Music: Julien Vachon

Mixing: Carlos Martin Reategui Gentille @ C-Martin Recordings

8-bit rendition: Kevin McNally Gagnon 

Album cover art: Julie Boudrias

Video game QA + Montreal = Shit (look how “clever” that is)

- Leaves early to get to work early 
- Metro is slowed down “because a door was blocked” bullshit
- Gets to work to a shit ton of ‘waive requests’ by devs who don’t want to do their job which makes me feel like my job is pointless
- Boss sends an email to the team saying he won’t come into work because he got a gastro and says he won’t go into details but makes two, three poop-related jokes in his email which is exactly what he said he wouldn’t do (see how my post’s title is “clever” now?)
- Should have stayed home

For the love of loss, we find
For the love of joy, we cry
For the love growth, we sever
For the love of now, we never
For the love of peace, we kill
For the love of wealth, we steal
For the love of difference, confine
For the love of unity, divide
For the love of love, we hate

Who wouldn’t want to disappear?
But I’m still here

— Scissorlips by Rishloo
From the album Feathergun


I shall make you my main character!


Go away Monday go die in a fire in a ditch somewhere with aids and anthrax let me live my life whyyyy rider kick monday in the FACEI