"Unreal Estate" by Tim Doyle

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Music was something so precious to me […] I would go around to a friend’s house and we would listen to an album back to back; we’d listen to the same album three times and just sit there with our eyes closed saying ‘That was amazing!’. It was a “night out”: listening to an album. Now it’s just something that you put on in the background of a fastfood restaurant while someone’s chewing bubblegum and wiping up the floor. It’s lost all value; maybe because of the amount of stuff that’s available; people have just lost the value of it. It’s something very precious if you know how to get something out of music. — Gavin Harrison, drummer for Porcupine Tree, King Crimson and so many more.

I can’t believe all the shitty comments I read online about Paul McCartney’s song featured in the credits for Destiny. Today’s kids are so ignorant and ungrateful; to think a living legend gives his voice to a video game; it’s a honour and a priviledge that such a phenomenon is happening at all.

I don’t understand why McCartney agreed to collaborate for a video game soundtrack, much less for a video game featuring war & violence, but he has, and the song is actually good.

To think so many idiots are spitting on a man who spent his life spreading peace & love through his music, who single-handedly changed pop & rock music forever; many if not all music we know today would be completely different if not for him, and internet kids have nothing better to do but say it sucks.

God I hate this generation.


Steven Wilson at AIR studios 2014

New album sessions.

Another masterpiece is in the oven.



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These are so cool!

Just finished Walking Dead 2

Thought: Dammit it can’t just end like this! *flip table*

This Telltale series is brilliant. Can’t say season 2 was as good as the first one, but it did keep me on my toes.

Walking Dead, aka how to live with bad decisions made on the spot.

Metro ad says

23% of people with aids don’t know they have it.

… …… .. … how do you know?